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Mini Sessions

Jingle jingle...the sights and sounds of the holidays are fast approaching!


We’ve transformed the Untangled Digital studios into a classic Christmas set to capture your picture-perfect holiday family photo!


Come book a mini session in our studio today!

UP_Christmas Mini 2022_Phillips_176A0574_Draft 4.jpg
UP_Christmas MIni 2022_176A0664.jpg
  • 5 High Resolution images that can also be used on Christmas cards and print

  • 20-minute sessions to ensure maximum amount of time

  • Photos are available online within 5 business days

  • After school hours are available

  • Immediate family (up to 6 people)

  • Free parking

$189/package + hst

Halloween is one of the best photo opportunities of the year.


But he scary truth about Halloween is that it is a dark holiday. And I don't just mean that the theme is dark (although it tends to be), I mean that it’s literally dark. All the good stuff happens after the sun goes down, when it's difficult or challenging to take photographs.


Come book a mini session in our studio today!

UP_Halloween 2022_Mini Session_Duber_176A0417_Crop.jpg
UP_Halloween 2022_Mini Session_176A9389_Draft 2.jpg
UP_Halloween 2022_Mini Sessions_Brujic_176A0409_Draft 2.jpg
UP_Halloween 2022_Mini Session_Gotts_176A9423_Draft 4.jpg
UP_Hallloween 2022_Mini Sessions_Brujic_176A0403_Draft 2.jpg
UP_Halloween 2022_Mini Sessions_176A9401_Crop 1.jpg

$75/package + hst

Fall is a beautiful time of year with many rich colours - but the weather can be unpredictable, so we brought the fall beauty indoors. 

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