This type of media format is filmed in a cinematic-style, something we like to call a “motion portrait”.


We are 'storytelling' to unfold and disclose the organic narrative of an individual, company or Organization through powerful sound and imagery.


Storytelling is increasingly used in advertising today in order to build customer relatability and loyalty.


We love this honest approach, as it initiates communication with the view buy giving an interesting story instead of taking time and attention from the viewer to sell a concept or product. We also love utilizing an authentic cinematic mindsets regarding design and techniques to invoke an essence of importance and relevance to any given subject or subject matter.


Ultimately our cultural perspectives have been ingrained to engage directly to a strong story structure supported by a cinematic audio visual experience.


We have Tiered packages developed to work with a wide range of Marketing Efforts (budgets). And we are always open to work on customized projects for the involed Creative Client!

Back Alley Barber Portrait
City of Niagara Falls
Winter Wonderland
Canada 150
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