After movie is finalized and distributed following the completion of the a festival or event. It provides a exciting and visceral summary of the event and is also a gift back to the participants. In addition to providing an excellent form to promote the event next year and is most frequently used to remind your audience of how the event was. Enthusiastic visitors want to tell their family, friends, colleagues about the amazing experience that they had. Our after-movie content is formulated by utilizing two documentary subcategories poetic and expository genres.  The edit approach will be to create a montage style sequence supported by music, colour correction and stylized grade to relay out the energy and vibrant aesthetics of the festival or events. Well-designed and beautifully executed event movies get widely distributed on the internet, informing and inspiring an even bigger audience of your held event. This can help increase your guest retention rate by using an event video as a promotional tool, you also build up a bigger audience for the following year. 

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